Family Law Solicitors

If you are looking for a family law solicitor, you will want someone who is trusted and experienced. A family law solicitor can provide a formal setting over lots of different family issues, they should mediate and try and help you find a compromise. A family law solicitor can deal with anything from pre-nuptial agreements to grandparent’s right and divorce proceedings to name just a few.

Most family law solicitor’s focus on representing clients, they will be able to layout the law and protect the rights and responsibilities of family members.  Their main aim is to help and resolve the problems that are being discussed; if these issues cannot be resolved the matter may be taken to court.

Being a family law solicitor can be a very rewarding job, but it does require a lot of time and work. As with most challenges in life, if you put the effort in, it will be worth it!

Family law solicitors will be the ones who will have to sort out divorce proceedings. Some of the world’s most expensive divorces, In the UK range from £3.3 million to £453.58 million! The latest divorce to be reported in the media is for Roman Abramovich, he is the world’s 139th richest person and has been divorced before which cost him £155 million; however, his second one could prove even more costly.

Another process that a family law solicitor would be asked to deal with would be a pre-nuptial agreement, many celebrities have been reported to have sorted these before marriage, such as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, if Justin ever cheats on her she automatically gets $500,000. Jay Z and Beyoncé also have a prenup if the marriage ends before two years she gets $10 million and then $1 million a year for every year they remained married up to 15 years.

Family law solicitors will also get involved in Child custody battles, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have recently been in the public eye battling out custody of their two-year-old daughter, Rob was said to be paying $20,000 per month in support, it has now been agreed they will have 50/50 custody so from now on he will not have to pay anything.

Family life nowadays is very varied, you could be married, co habituating, separated, you can have children, adoptive children, stepchildren or no children at all, there is no such thing as normal these days. Family life can be stressful and cause many disputes that could be why you need a family law solicitor. They can provide advice and mediation hopefully finding a solution for you and your family members.

Lady with hands on face

Lady with hands on face